BC Install Oy lets you concentrate on your own business while we take care of the transportation and installation for your modular buildings and infra projects.

Order the whole

We are professionals in logistics and installation of modular buildings and infra products such as noise barriers. We transport the construction materials and products to the site and if storage in Finland is needed, we take care of it. We are your logistics and installation specialist in transportations, lifts, installing and in other construction services regarding to modular spaces and infra products. We have been in construction business for decades and numerous professional contacts and co-operations.


Ia. noise barriers are professionally installed and transported. Tight co-operation with finnish SEPA Group which provides high quality products such as roof trusses, infra product etc. Check more from SEPA's www-sites.

Modular spaces, site huts and small modular buildings

Different kinds of modular spaces transported and installed cost-effective and professionally.

Other construction services

Something on our mind? Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for more services regarding to modular spaces and infra products

Patruunapolku 16, 79100 Leppävirta  FINLAND

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